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Baja 247

San Felipe Real Estate and Construction.This is the place to buy and sell properties in the San Felipe, Baja California, Mx Area.(Bienes Raices).Baja 24/7 is a Full Service Real Estate Company Authorized to buy and sell real estate in Baja Califoria, Mexico.If you are looking for a trustworthy company that sells in all areas of San Felipe, this is the one.Also check us out for San Felipe Rentals and Reliable Construction Services.

Rancho Market

Enjoy our delicious fresh bread, pastries, variety of desserts, salads, puff pastry, breakfasts and more. !!!We are the Best Deli in San Felipe !!!

San Felipe Vacations

View Beachfront and Family Vacation Rentals

Angeles Verdes

The Mexican government operates a roadside assistance program called the "Angeles Verdes" or "Green Angels". The green trucks and their operators have the wherewithal to fix many debilitating automobile conditions. In fact, many travellers who have benefited from their services consider them miracle workers: did you know you can fix a leaking radiator with pepper or an egg? Services and information are free; parts or gasoline if necessary must be paid for.

You can call the Green Angels for assistance by dialling 078.

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